Appointments​ (For Last Thursday of every Month Only)

One-to-one appointments with Pir Sahibzada Arslan Azmat Sahib at Glasgow Astana are available where you can discuss you issues in complete privacy. Please note that this appointment will be for 5-10 minutes, therefore kindly keep it short and refrain from straying off the topic.  If you require a one-to-one consultation, you must book a slot in advance either by calling Khalifa Sahib on mobile number 07543343493 or using the online service given below. You do not have to make any booking to attend only Rohani Dua/operation. All treatment at Astana is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Some cases may require extra time for ilaaj, for example those with JINNAT HAZRI issues, so Pir Sahib will recommend longer private appointments to those cases only. One-to-one appointments will start at about 3pm on first come first serve basis. There are no fixed-time slots for these appointment. After all appointments, Pir Sahib will do Rohani Operation, followed by Allah-Hu Zikr and Dua. The program is expected to finish by 9pm, therefore please arrange your travelling/accommodation accordingly. If you arrive too late, you may miss your appointment but can still attend Rohani Operation. Please bring your items like Agarbatti, Harmal, Olive Oil, Musturd Oil, Water, etc. for Damm.