Travelling to Glasgow Astana​



Glasgow Aastan is located at Jamia Islamia Mosque, 275 Tantallon Road, Shawlands, Glasgow, G41 3JW which is about 9 miles away from Glasgow airport and 5 miles from Glasgow central.  The above links may be used to book the  flight, train or bus ticket to arrive at Glasgow from various parts of United Kingdom. The time from airport or central Glasgow to Astana may vary from 10-50 minutes depending the means of transport and traffic conditions. 

You can also use this LINK to plan your journey to Glasgow Astana.  

Some of the Glasgow Taxi service number are given below. You may also use Uber taxi. 

0141 429 7070

0141 429 1122

0141 774 3000

0141 959 1212

0141 644 9691

Please note that last bus, train or flight from Glasgow to other main cities of United Kingdom depart 9-10pm. So, plan your return journey accordingly. 


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