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Hundreds and thousands of patients visiting our Astana of Pir Azmat Nawaz and are Alhamdulillah getting Faiz and spending a better life. Our mission is to continue serving the mankind free of charge and that is why there has never been any fee for the token for Rohani Ilaj and InshaAllah there will never be any fee for that. We understand how desperate people are and their struggle to arrive at Astana center from remote areas of the country and from abroad. We are working hard to provide as much facility as possible for free accommodation and langar (food) to Astana visitors. Major construction and improvement work are in progress for which heavy machinery has been deployed to construct more shelter places and provide welfare facilities. If you would like to donate for your contribution to this good cause, please contact us through phone numbers given above or team members at Astana. InshaAllah the money donated will become Sadaqah Jariyah for you.  You may also donate your Sadqah, Zakat or Khairat because it will be used for welfare facilities to provide food, accommodation, clothes, etc. for those who arrive at Astana from hundreds and thousands of miles away and can not afford accommodation or food from hotels and restaurants. 

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